Charlie P's Pub
Währinger Straße 3
1090 Vienna, Austria

Phone: +43 1 409 79 23

Opening hours

Updated Regulations at Charlie P's

Some welcome updates on our Covid 19 regulations from 15th June :)

Obviously like everything these days, there will be some changes in the pub. We're ready for the adjustments and committed to running things in a safe and secure way.

A couple of bits of infos before we get into the requirements for Guests & Staff.

Takeaway menu will still be available with Call & Collect system.

Closing time is 01:00 sharp.



  • Disinfection fluid will be provided at the entrance and guests MUST use this before sitting at their table
  • Guests MUST keep 1 meter distance from anyone other than their own group
  • Guests must wait to be seated when first arriving
  • No ordering at the bar
  • Contactless payment when possible



  • All menus disinfected after every use
  • Door handles and bannisters will be regularly disinfected
  • Hands disinfected every 30 minutes
  • Tables, chairs, benches will be disinfected before each use


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