Ronan's love affair with Whiskey continues with the introduction of Blacks Irish Whiskey to Vienna.

Fuelled by renewed inspiration and passion upon completing the Certificate in Irish Whiskey from the Edinburgh Whiskey Academy during the summer, Ronan got busy expanding his whiskey collection, which resulted in him collaborating with the amazing Irish whiskey producers Blacks in Kinsale.

With his new whiskey importing venture up and running, he was able to stock up the already abundant whiskey cabinet at Charlie Ps with a selection of the finest from Blacks Distillery.

Charlie P's regulars and newcomers alike are in for a true Irish whiskey treat; Blacks Triple Threat Irish Whiskey is something like you've never tasted in an Irish Whiskey!

Ronan Smith

Smith Gastro GmbH

Authorised Distributor Blacks Irish Whiskey in Austria

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