Ronan's love affair with Whiskey continues with the introduction of Blacks Irish Whiskey to Vienna. 

Fuelled by renewed inspiration and passion upon completing the Certificate in Irish Whiskey from the Edinburgh Whiskey Academy during the summer, Ronan got busy expanding his whiskey collection, which resulted in him collaborating with the amazing Irish whiskey producers Blacks in Kinsale.

With his new whiskey importing venture up and running, he was able to stock up the already abundant whiskey cabinet at Charlie Ps with a selection of the finest from Blacks Distillery.

Charlie P's regulars and newcomers alike are in for a true Irish whiskey treat; Blacks Triple Threat Irish Whiskey is something like you've never tasted in an Irish Whiskey!

Blacks Triple Threat – Irish Whiskey - Three Cask Blend 40%

A striking Irish Whiskey aged in bourbon, sherry, and virgin American oak casks. Fusing flavours of vanilla, toasted wood, and honey like sweetness. This triple case all-star embodies the best of all three!


Complex summer fruits cross paths with fresh cinnamon buns to greet the nose.


Initially spicy but quickly mellowed by notes of caramel, butterscotch, and vanilla.


Medium length as lingering hints of dry fruit and caramelized sugar continue with an oak spice finish

Blacks OPS

Black OPS is comprised of a careful blend of malt and grain whiskey. This blend was matured in extra deep charred bourbon oak barrels for an extra smooth, extra dark black whiskey. In keeping with our proven whiskey technique this blend is also non chill filtered and was bottled at 43%.

On first inspection the nose reveals a layer of sweet malt followed by toffee, prunes and vanilla. Its complex second layer of aromas may catch you by surprise as hints of hay, oak, smoke and eucalyptus charm your senses.

This is a medium bodied whiskey with initial hints of sweetness followed by nut and savoury notes. You will be left with a lengthy finish of lingering herbal notes in addition to light spice and floral flavours.

Blacks 8-Year-Old Single Malt – Rocketship IPA Cask Finish 43%

The latest release in the Pieces of 8 Cask Series.

A truly unique whiskey that’s out of this World! Aged in Rocketship IPA seasoned casks to give a wonderful zesty kick of Galaxy hops to this 8-year-old Single Malt Irish Whiskey. Pop the cork and strap yourself in for lift Off!!!

Non chill filtered. 43% ABV. Limited Edition

Blacks Irish Gin

Blacks Irish Gin is smooth and can be enjoyed neat, or on the rocks with a wedge of pink grapefruit, which compliments the fresh pink grapefruit peel used in our distillation.

The inclusion of both orris & angelica roots brings an earthy body to this Gin. Overall, our Gin is clean, crisp & complex, yet balanced. You will enjoy an aromatic taste adventure with a mellow finish.

Its distinct flavour can also enhance any cocktail, so if it’s a classic G&T you are craving mix it the Blacks method. That’s one-part Blacks Irish Gin over ice, to three parts premium tonic, and garnished with a wedge of pink grapefruit.

Whatever your preferred serve, enjoy it with care and love, as we did when creating it




We hope you enjoy our newest addition to our ever-expanding drinks line. Our Black's selection is now stocked and ready for you to enjoy during your next visit to Charlie P's.

And for those who would fancy getting their hands on a few bottles for their own private enjoyment. We also have you covered. All Blacks products can be purchased to go.

Drop us a line with what you might like to purchase in the form, and we'll get back to you with further details! Slainte!

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