'Cúla Búla'

Pale Ale

A Charlie P's + Drunken Unicorn Collaboration

A Charlie P's + Drunken Unicorn Collaboration

'Cúla Búla'

Pale Ale

Now Available in Bottles

At Charlie P's Irish Pub, our aim is to provide you with beer experiences that are both unique and exceptional. That's why we've teamed up with The Drunken Unicorn Beer Factory to craft something truly special – 'Cúla Búla,' a one-of-a-kind Pale Ale.

We are excited to announce that 'Cúla Búla' Pale Ale, an established favourite at Charlie P's Irish Pub, is now available in bottles for your enjoyment. 

This much-loved pale ale can now be purchased in-house, for takeaway and wholesale Savour the unique taste of 'Cúla Búla' wherever you are.

The origin of 'Cúla Búla'

The journey of 'Cúla Búla' began when Ronan the owner at Charlie P's Irish Pub in Vienna had a vision for a new hoppy, full-bodied pale ale to wow his customers.

Drawing on his years of experience at Charlie P's and his deep understanding of his customers' preferences in mind, Ronan set off on a journey to bring this vision to life.

Along the way he met Wolfgang Fischer, the founder of The Drunken Unicorn Beer Factory, and they became partners on this project.

Together, they came up with a recipe that combined their knowledge and skills, and the result was a super delicious craft beer that's different from any other. That's when 'Cúla Búla' was born!

Crafted with Passion

What sets 'Cúla Búla' apart is the dedication and passion that went into its creation. Ronan and Wolfgang both share a love for independent small-batch beer brewing, and that love shines through in every sip of 'Cúla Búla.' 

The 'Cúla Búla' Logo and Ogham are a nod to Ronan's home city of Dublin and Ireland. The vibrant blue colours and reflect the lively spirit of Dublin, adding a touch of Irishness to every bottle.

'Cúla Búla Pale Ale brings something unique to the Austrian beer scene.

Customer Feedback!

Charlie P's customers love 'Cúla Búla'! Since its introduction, 'Cúla Búla' has been a hit at Charlie P's. Customers have consistently rated it highly, and it has become one of the pub's most popular beers.

"We're proud to have it as a regular part of our beer selection and confident that it will remain a customer favourite"


To make a purchase, simply drop into Charlie P's Irish Pub and you can buy your 'Cúla Búla' bottles directly from one of our friendly bar staff.

Location: Charlie P's Irish Pub, Währinger Straße 3, 1090 Vienna. 

Whiskey Purchase Times: Monday to Friday 15:00-21:00 and Saturday 13:00-18:00.

Wholesale Enquiries

If you run a shop or bar and would like to offer 'Cúla Búla' Pale Ale to your customers, we've got you covered.

For information about wholesale please drop a message to Ronan at: ronan@highspiritsaustria.at

Delivery: In Vienna, we provide free delivery for orders over €100.

Ronan's New Venture:


In addition to running Charlie P's, Ronan has embarked on a new business as a distributor for Blacks Irish Whiskey in Austria under the name HiGH SPiRiTS.

HiGH SPiRiTS complements the offerings at Charlie P's, providing customers with even more drinks options but focused mainly on small batch independent drinks producers. And bottled Cula Bula Pale Ale is the latest offering on the High Spirits product range.

So, whether you're heading to the park, a BBQ, or simply relaxing at home, 'Cúla Búla' in a bottle is the perfect companion. It's the same great beer style you know and love from our Tap List at Charlie P's, but in bottled form.

Now, the distinctive and robust flavours of 'Cúla Búla' are always at your fingertips. Slainte!

Cúla Búla

Beer Details

  • ABV 5.3%
  • Bottle 0.33L

Purchase at

Charlie P's

Monday to Friday




'Cúla Búla'

Pale Ale

Wholesale Inquiries

For information about wholesale drop a message to Ronan here nd he will get back to you straight away.

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