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Now, we love our Irish Whiskeys at Charlie P's, that's a given! But there are three whiskeys in particular that have a special place in our hearts... Green Spot, Yellow Spot and Red Spot.


Way back in the last century...ok, 1999, not so long ago. Before moving to Austria, Ronan worked for none other than Mitchell & Sons on Kildare street, Dublin. The very same Mitchell & Sons that founded the legendary 'Spot Whiskeys'

At the time he was working there, of the various 'Spots', it was only Green Spot that was on the market. It was a flyer, couldn't stock enough of the stuff.

People came from all over to get their hands on it...granted, it was only available in the shop in Kildare Street! But it was that unique taste and style of the whiskey that had people going mad for it!

Seems like it was a good place for Ronan to start his whiskey journey!.

Back in the 19th century, the 'Spot' Pot Still whiskeys were produced in Dublin, which at the the time was the mecca for whiskey worldwide. Since 1971, like a lot of Premium whiskeys, they have been produced in the famed Midleton Distillery in county Cork.

State of the art technology and expertise have meant the whiskeys have only gone from strength to strength!

They're in good 'Pot Still' company there too. Midleton Very Rare and various Redbreast and Powers whiskeys are also distilled here!

You'll find the 3 of them standing proud in Dan's Whiskey Cabinet behind the bar!

Since starting in Charlie P's in 2000, first on the agenda for Ronan. Get Green Spot on the shelf! When 'Yellow Spot' was reintroduced after a 40 odd year absence in 2012...that was next on the shelf in the pub!

And to complete the trifecta in 2018, 'Red Spot' came along! You'll find the 3 of them standing proud in Dan's Whiskey Cabinet behind the bar!

Did you know?

Green Spot has some rather famous fans - Daniel Day Lewis, Mick Jagger and most recently Michael Parkinson have all been partial to a doubt, among many others!


A connoisseurs dream...or maybe just the one for that special occasion!

Spot Whiskeys @ Charlie P's

Ro's 'Spot' Run Down

'Green Spot'

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is aged for 7 & 10 years 

A Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey comprising of pot still whiskeys aged between 7 & 10 years. The whiskey has matured in a combination of new bourbon and refill bourbon casks as well as sherry casks. This leads to a sweetish, warm taste. A stunning whiskey whether you're new to the game or a whiskey buff!

I'd have to say, 'pound for pound' one of the very best value for money whiskeys out there. Get on it, you won't be disappointed!

'Yellow Spot'

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is aged for 12 years 

Yellow Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is aged for 12 years in a combination of Bourbon Barrels, Spanish Sherry butts and Spanish Malaga Casks. Nice! End result, a silky yet spicy whiskey. Slight sweetness in there, almost honey like. A real treat this one!

Oh, you might want to try this one with our Apple Crumble. They go together very well!!

'Red Spot'

Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey is aged for 15 years 

Red Spot triple distilled Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey has matured for over 15 years in a combination of American Bourbon casks, Spanish sherry butts and Sicilian Marsala wine casks...thats quite a journey for a whiskey! All of which contributes to rich complex flavors. Intense spices and some dark fruits are at the forefront here.

A connoisseurs dream...or maybe just one for that special occasion!

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